Outputs & Dimensions

Low surface temperature steel panel radiators are cooler to touch than standard radiators.

The hot water passes through the middle and rear of the radiator, but not through the front of the panel, allowing for a strong kW output while maintaining a cooler front panel.


Suggested size for noggins; 90mm x 40mm framing timber installed horizontally to either side of the radiator     145mm from top of the radiator and 170mm from the bottom of the radiator. This will ensure you have suitable fixing for brackets.
NB: Allow for centre noggin on radiators over 1800 long.
        DeLonghi type 32 panels are fitted as standard with the kit for energy saving low temperature operation with preferential heat diffusion, and preset thermostation valve.

DeLonghi steel panel radiators are produced with first quality steelsheet according to EN442.

Testing pressure: 13 bar.

Max. working pressure: 10 bar. Max. working temperature: 110°C.

The sides of DeLonghi panels are fastened with screws, safer than the interlocking system adopted on other panel radiators and complying with the strict German BAGUV safety standar Grille and side panels are approved by the German institute LGA for usage in schools and public places.


Supplied with preset thermostatic valve on the right.

Bottom connector 50 mm tappings centre, 3/4” outside thread. Model 32 does not have welded supports. 2 x 1/2” connections, internal thread on opposite side of the thermostatic insert with:

1 x 1/2” blind cap provided, premounted 1 x 1/2” vent plug provided, premounted

Model 32 radiators are without welded back supports and can therefore be mounted on the wall by means of the F7 quick-fit brackets provided.


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DeLonghi Low Surface Temp_Belmore (pdf)